BooCamo Sırt Çantası Turuncu

BooCamo Sırt Çantası Turuncu


BooBagBackPack Orange are produced from 100% solition-acrylic premium canvas fabrics with water repellency.

Handcrafted by craftsmen-craftswomen.

It does not contain any carcinogenic substances.

There is a laptop pocket on the inside of our BooBagBackPack Orange and a strap on the back of the hand luggage.

BooBagBackPack Orange can be wiped with a wet cloth, not washable.


  • Ürün boyutu

    Volume: 27 lt

    Width: 27 cm

    Length: 39 cm

    Depth 20 cm

    Laptop width: 29 cm

    Laptop height: 33 cm