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The Istanbul based unique handbag brand BooBagIstanbul was founded in 2019 by Burcu Hakyemez Dal, ex national team volleyball player. BooBag is a distinguishable brand of unique handbags and more. Our philosophy has been built upon the principles of art, endless creativity, age-old tradition and uniqueness. The beauty of long-standing craftsmanship is reborn with the natural materials and handmade techniques we adopt to create unique goods. Colorful pieces of textiles are woven together to reinvent tradition in a contemporary and fashionably elegant way. 

When you buy a BooBag, you know two things for sure; First, that you are investing in high-quality, hand-made, couture products, which will delight you for a very long time. Second, that you are investing in the economical empowerment and financial freedom of women artisans.
Look after them with the utmost care and they will love you forever. 
But there is more... All BooBag creations have a secret; when opened, an aura of dynamism emanates from each bag. A rich inner world emits a sparkling personality. The inspiration behind our lining derives from the energy of non stop city Istanbul and the way it is manifested in the dynamism of women in today's world. 
Every little detail in our creations unveils a part of the story we want to tell.. Istanbul's aura transforms into something new, taking new art forms over time...It is never permanent. It evolves. It revitalizes everything in its path. It constantly changes as art does....

Follow our ever-evolving journey of creativity and artistic flair....

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Burcu Hakyemez Dal is the designer and co-founder of BooBagİstanbul. 


She is a wife, mother of daughter, former ex-national volleyball player, producer, presenter and designer from a family of athletes. 


The most important feature of Burcu is her comfort, which makes it always natural. Burcu learns something new every day and continues to develop herself, to diversify her works, to reveal the versatility & creativity of her personality with a new story. 


Her designs are inspired from Istanbul's aura. The most important goal in realizing her dream was to make bags accessible to all stylish women.

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